Pilates Classes

Get Fit Pilates
Our Get Fit Pilates suit everybody, regardless of age and fitness level. We run both beginner and beginner/intermediate level classes. All classes are kept small to ensure maximum attention to each participant.

Post Natal Pilates Classes (6 weeks course)
Pilates is a safe and effective form of exercise to start after child birth. It’s a fantastic way to tone up and  to kickstart you exercising. Pilates will also help relieve muscular aches and improve your posture. Exercises will focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and is an excellent way to strengthen all the muscles of the body.

We appreciate that as a new mother it is difficult to fit in exercise classes with the demands of your new arrival, so we have scheduled dedicated mother and baby classes where you are able to bring your baby with you. Your baby can lie by your side, sit in a car seat or play with the other babies. You are able to attend to your baby as and when you need. It is also a lovely opportunity to meet other mums and babies.

Back Specific Pilates (6 weeks course)
A recent study has shown that patients with a history of chronic low back pain will improve if they partake  in small modified Pilates Classes which are specifically designed for patients with recurrent back pain.
Our therapists have designed a 6 week program aimed at just this group. The classes are kept small to enable us to provide close individual attention. There will be a gradual progression from session to session but the classes are small enough to tailor for any individual needs. Our goal is to teach Pilates exercises, that patients will use in the long term, to strengthen and improve flexibility in the back and so reduce the recurrence of pain. We work closely with GPs and Consultants and provide feedback on patient outcome.

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